Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Day 48: In the Presence of Greatness: Andrew Bird

Last night I went to an Andrew Bird concert. Oh wow. Wow. So wow.

I was humbled. That man is a musical genius, maybe even a straight up genius. The opening act floored me. I mean you know a song is good when it makes you want to paint. During the first song (a haunting rendition of Why) I had the strange urge to push thick piles of blue paint around a canvas with my bare hands.

There was a physicality and presence to his performance that was so powerful and humbling it blurred the boundaries of my own physicality until I felt that I spilled out of myself like a shining light. The energy in his music is something I have never seen in a painting, even in the great masters. Paintings are much more passive, you have to approach them, look at them, put yourself into them. But music is not physically constrained to a canvas or a wall. It reaches out and grabs a hold of you.

Perhaps that then answers my earlier question of the power of shimmering. Light can reach out and grab you. It is a visual stimulus that is not constrained or confined to a two dimensional surface, bound by a body, held to it's flesh. It surrounds you. It reaches out and touches your skin. Light is transforming.

Art is transforming. I will create and create and create. I will practice and practice and practice. I will aspire to that kind of mastery.

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