Sunday, October 25, 2009

Day 47: Story time

In the time of Ancient Greece there was a queen named Penelope. She and her Husband Odysseus lived together in their castle. They had many happy days together, but all of them were easily topped by the day their son was born. Unfortunately the saddest day came soon thereafter when Odysseus was summoned to fight in the Trojan war. He had no choice but to load ships full of soldiers and sail off. Penelope stood on the shore of the sea, her baby in her arms as she watched his ship until it faded from the horizon. Little did she know it would be over 20 years before her husband would return to her.

Every day that went by, she thought of him. And every day that went by she would walk to the beach and pray to Poseidon the sea god for his safe return. The expanse of water gave her some solace, it's vast blue, a mirror to the sky. Hypnotic waves.

And then years went by. And more years. And more, until it began to seem that he would never return. Many suitors came and sought Penelope's hand in marriage, but she loved her husband so much she would not mary another man.

Day after day, year after year, she went to that same spot on the shore where her husband's ship had sailed from to pray for his return. By now their son was a grown man, 20 years of age. And Penelope? Even after 20 years, she waited for her husbands return, faithful as ever.

One day as she prayed, her eyes closed in deep concentration, a lock of her hair fell into the water, and the shimmering ripples crept up it until all her hair was a deep blue. When she opened her eyes and saw the ends of her blue hair tossed about by the wind, she knew her prayers would be answered. And she smiled to herself as she saw sails on the horizon. As she stood, to better see the ship that sailed in, she felt 20 years had been lifted off her body, and she was as young as the day her husband had left.

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