Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Day 43: If you give a mouse a cookie

In providence, a favorite place for delicious dining is the Meeting Street Cafe. Their large portions can easily feed two, except for the cookies. While the cookies (which come in many varieties) are the size of your face, they're hard to share. My favorite is the "garbage" or "everything" cookie. Chocolate chunks the size of, well basically the cookie, but with raisins and walnuts and other great delicious things somehow packed in there too.

How can this possibly connect to my art? Well, my housemate Joey is trying to get a paper finished, and I've been working on this Penelope painting for a while now, and we've both definitely been working overtime. So this morning over breakfast, we decided to give ourselves some incentive. If by tomorrow at 10pm (roughly 24 hours from now) I've finished my painting and she has gotten a certain number of pages done, we are going to walk over to the meeting street cafe and get ourselves a cookie each.

At the beginning of today, it seemed an impossible task, but I've actually made a good bit of head way. Check it.

1 comment:

  1. So how do you fit the whole thing in the frame? you must be sitting on the table with your back flat up against the wall.

    Looks better. I still think you could go a little darker and cooler. Hope you gotcha gobbidge cookie.