Monday, October 12, 2009

Day 33: Plans, Investigations, and Taking Sides

In Providence Columbus day is kind of a big deal. In fact, it is a bit controversial. On one side you have the Brown students, who gladly take the three day weekend, but protest the celebration of a man who stumbled upon a pre-discovered America and massacred all the indigenous people. Walk a few miles to federal hill and it is a different story. The Italians celebrate in fine form, all flags and pride (and I'd thought Christopher Columbus was Spanish... Not so!). They cheer on their Italian brother and protest the protesters.

Now, as my own boss, I had to decide what to do about this 3 day weekend predicament. Everyone likes a 3-day weekend after all, but, well, I would inevitably be taking sides. For this reason, I took friday and saturday off, worked a little on sunday, and am working monday. In other words, it is a two and a half day weekend.

My half day yesterday saw some interesting playing in my sketch book (still on the sirens theme). I've got some ideas for big drawings on their way, but first things first.

Some of yesterday's work:

Not quite more of the same, but more investigating anyhow.

Today's work:

I started out today with similar sketching, but my big ambition is to get some work done on this giant oil painting of penelope I started a while back. It is going to be a quality painting if I finish it properly, so I've been procrastinating a bit, out of intimidation. Today is the day. At midnight or so I'll post a before and after picture to show my accomplishments of the day.

Tomorrow's work:

Yes, I've planed that far ahead. Once upon a time, my friend and frequent collaborator Annie Blazejack painted for 24 hours straight, a painting an hour. I'm not sure if I've still got that in me, but I know I can do 12 hours, so tomorrow, every hour for 12 hours I will post a new drawing/ painting/ collage/ work of art. Bring it on!

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