Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Day 29: The Improving

Oh the miracles of google image search, like staring off into space until you have arrived at an epiphany. You can start out searching for pictures of parrots, and end up on a wikipedia article about Schrodinger's cat or old drawings of pin-up girls. Yep, my google image search for parrot turned up a picture of a pinup girl playing with a parrot. I got really interested in the stylized women, so "sexy" and absurd. There were images of them ironing in lingerie. Wow, just wow. So here is my siren #2, a much better, if more racy exploration of those original pin up girls.

While I was at improving things, I was inspired to take a second look at that collage I made of my run with Brenna and made it a little more dynamic. I like it better now, still not quite right, but closer.

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