Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Day 27: The art of suspense

The trick to the proper building of suspense, is the delayed gratification. The putting off of a promise, the pushing back of the inevitable.

The trick to art is the element of surprise, the unexpected extra step, the side step, the backwards step, the jitterbug.

The truth to this post... The painting is not yet finished. It is however, very very close. I brought it to the level of completeness that I expected to be finished only to discover, it needed more. So for the hightening of suspense, the furthering of art, and the joy of discovery, I offer up the almost finished dresses painting.

An unexpected creation today, the perfect addition to an official artists official studio made possible in part by my uncle's carpentry skills and my parents funding. What could it be? I'll tell you in the morning.

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