Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Days 14 &15: Let the art-making begin!

Assignment 1 (courtesy of John Calvin Witty III): Look at the things around me, the possessions I have chosen to surround myself with. Draw these things and my relationship with them.

I'm not generally that into shoes, but I cherish my running shoes. They are new and pristine and glorious. Their color scheme is called "python" because they have gold and faux snakeskin decor, which may be the main reason I love them. In fact, my last two pairs of running shoes were identical (though now the white parts are grey). I decided to make a collage in homage to my first run with my new running shoes.

And what worthy christening this first run was, if not in length or speed, at least in excitement and hilarity. Brenna and I went on a run about a week ago, and on the run we passed a United Barbecue with a sign that proclaimed "We Deliver!". Brenna was so ecstatic at the idea of returning home to a delivered sandwich that we went significantly out of our way to find a person we knew so we could borrow their phone and call United Barbecue (whose phone number we had memorized). Turns out it was harder than expected, and we ended up using the phone of a bewildered acquaintance. The sandwich arrived just moments before we did and it was magnificent.

As I was pasting part of the United Barbecue menu to my collage, I thought of my other possessions. I was most intrigued by things which I own despite seldom, if ever, remembering I own them. These are belongings that I have kept through several moves, and continue to put in drawers out of hopes that keeping them will some day pay off. They are the possessions I aspire to use.

I recently got a bunch of new dresses from my sister in law Webby, which got me thinking about the small collection of dresses I already own. I very very rarely wear them, but I like the idea of wearing them. I aspire to wear them. Here is an opportunity to explore the Heisenberg's uncertainty principle! I will record my dresses and my wearing of them. This act of recording will, in all likelihood, alter how often I wear them, and thus change my relationship to them.

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