Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Day 12: Reorienting

I left New York Port Authority station at 4:45 on sunday, and by way of confused driver, we took a detour, an expedition, into New Jersey, quite the opposite way. As the bus waited in traffic, I searched for the poignant in that long backwards journey. The retracing of steps. Only arriving back to the washington bridge at 7:00. A pastel sunset, quiet and hazed rested on the water as I watched the city changing from buildings to silhouettes. I arrived back in providence at 11:30 (3 hours late and a little worse for the wear).

On my extended journey through the hours of the night, I occupied myself with thinking. with reorienting. An epiphany, I want to create, not simply record. More than capturing a moment I aspire to it's manifestation. If I paint it will not be to simply document. No! It will be a creation of something that wasn't there before.

I thought more about glowing about light. In the hour of the night when everything first begins to glow, illuminated from within, I watched the white graffiti lift off the tunnel walls like dancing specters. I was reminded of the way that quakers talk about inner light, of god. I couldn't help but feel that we all aspire to stumbling blindly and gracelessly, like children. And the world, not quite child proof. No wonder we cry out for light.

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