Thursday, September 10, 2009

Day Two

Soon I'll be seeing pictures of zebras and wondering why they aren't covered in little splotches of color. I'm using a zebra striped rug to catch paint from hitting the floor. In my life, I sit for hours on a zebra stripped rug and paint. Beat that! I suppose I've got to come up with a good system for working on the walls instead of the floor.

Overcoming my initial inertia proved to be as simple as yesterdays declaration, though I am no where near the desired art output per diem. I painted for 3 or 4 hours yesterday, and about the same again today. Nowhere near the 13 hours a day I was painting at the end of last semester, but hopefully I'll get wrapped up in a new project soon.

I spend a lot of my current studio time waiting for a brilliant idea. The door bell did ring once yesterday, but instead of inspiration, it was my dear friend Brenna picking up her car.

I think perhaps I will give myself assignments, something to work on during the in between. I'm interested in giving painting the physicality and presence of sculpture. This is my new endeavor, my assignment for the week. Quite a bit of ambition I suppose, for one week, but as they say Rome could have been built in a day. My other new ambition is to make art that is humbling. I want to make art that taps into the power and presence of the humbling weight of stars and vast oceans. And people think organic chemistry is hard?