Thursday, September 17, 2009

Day 9: New York New York

Wouldn't it be grand to occasionally have one of those voices that announces previews for new movies announe the events of your life?

For example, picking up from yesterdays post, the deep thunderous voice of a man who probably eats crocodiles and Chuck Norris for breakfast would say "An early morning and a long bus ride later, she finally reached it: that glowing city, that place of possibility, that artist hub... New York!" Some violins are playing to accompany iconic shots of New York.

Of course, the announcer would leave out that my bus arrived about 40 minutes late, lurching through stop and go traffic as though the driver couldn't quite remember which pedal was for breaking and which was the gas.

My first stop of the day was a visit to artist Ed Cohen. He showed me his studio space, so vast and light filled it had me drooling like paintings by Wayne Thibault. Glorious! I got to check out his newest work, and talk about studio practice.

Lessons to take away:
1. Work a lot, work hard be dilignet and determined (none of this waiting for the muse nonsense)
2. Try to find a mentor/ Providence artist to give feedback, prefferably a RISD or Brown art teacher.
3. Visit lots of artists. Thay say cool things and do cool things and all have different approaches.

After the studio visit, I went to a bunch of galleries around 10th and 25th and saw some really really neat stuff. I even got to see Ed Cohen's show.

It was, all in all, a day of research. What of my waiting muse, my brewing ideas? Brew on I say!

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