Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Day 7 and 8: Night Swimming; exploring and collecting

Late at night, the water in the quarry is so perfectly dark and still you can see stars reflected in it. Giggling as we navigate the rocks to bring us closer to the obsidian surface, we contemplate the perfect reflections, we are suspended between two identical worlds. Maggie jumps in first, charged with the difficult responsibility of not revealing how cold the water is. I jump in next. It is my first time at the quarry and I have no idea what to expect. As I jump from the rock into the water, everything is suddenly cold, and i do my best to suppress a shriek "oh my god, the water is so... warm." I don't think Annie, Brenna, and Joey are fooled, but they all jump in anyway.

We swim through the dark. Nothing has ever been so beautiful. I float on my back hoping to hold so still that reflected stars will collect on my belly. They are cold and mystical. Maggie and I feel suspended in outer-space with night and sky all around us. We try to orbit each other like planets. Shivering and ecstatic, we are spell bound. The thought of leaving is more unbearable than the cold, but the cold always has its way in the end. It grows and grows pushing at us, forcing us to make the awkward scramble out of the water. After our cautious climbing up the rocks, we are happy at the sight of towels and sweatshirts.

Also I drew yesterday. I painted too. All that is secondary right now, I want to take everyone I know to the quarry at night. Something brilliant will ensue, inspiration is brewing.

I have 4 days in New York to visit museums and await the muse.

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