Monday, September 28, 2009

Day 20: Dressed Dresses Dressing and a little mythology

I have a vision for my dresses. It begins with a finely sanded canvas. Paint on blocks of color for each dress, each in the appropriate color. The dresses have been drawn onto tracing paper and cut out. They will be pasted over their color, and tally marks below will document their wearing. So far I have drawn and cut out all the dresses. I will spend the rest of tonight making a beautifully sanded canvas, and then tomorrow, tomorrow, tomorrow. All will be well and together.

All this while a big drawing is brewing. I want to draw the sirens. Most people know the sirens as mermaids who sat on rocks and lured sailors to their death through enchanting singing. Interestingly, weather or not they are even mermaid's is debatable. They were once the maidens of Persephone. When Hades, god of the underworld abducted her, they did nothing. As punishment, Demeter, Persephone's mother, transformed them, gave them their seductive irresistible voices so they could call her home. Of course their voices couldn't pierce the underworld, but they are cursed to be forever calling out, searching. And the rocks they are exiled to are littered with human corpses, all because they are calling against their will.

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