Thursday, September 24, 2009

Day 16: Pretty and Delicious

A day of cooking cleaning and drawing dresses. Sometimes life as an artist seems more like being a glorified (husbandless) housewife.

Today was my first time ever roasting a chicken, so I might have gotten a little overzealous with all the flavoring and basting, but it sure paid off. I put lemons, red onions, and fresh herbs inside the chicken, and herbs under the skin. Then I sauteed some garlic in butter and smeared it all over the chicken. It took about three hand washings before my fingers didn't feel totally goopey. I also made guacamole and a delicious chocolate-pear cake. Every step of the cooking process was so intricate and beautiful, the quartering of the lemon for the chicken, the folding in of meringued eggwhites into the cake batter. It was not unlike mixing paint and mediums and colors.

Simple satisfaction from using up my almost too old pears and avocados. A pleasant life. And there is nothing wrong with embracing your inner girl and spending all day coking, baking, and drawing dresses.


  1. Ahem.

    What am I, a doormat?

    Looks tasty. Too bad I missed it.

  2. Chicken pot pie tonight! Alas, you missed it again. Come over and draw dresses sometime and I may revoke your doormatted status.