Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Day 13: In which we teach living things to glow.

Monday September 21st, a happy birthday to Brenna! And what a night we have in store for her! Nothing short of a brilliant collaborative art piece. A night of ice cream manifestations and birthday lights.

It began with candle lit milkshakes and a first round of wishes. Then Maggie, Annie, Brenna and I all piled into a car, embarking into the glowing of the night. After 20 minutes of driving, we arrive at Carr Pond, a place we have been many times, so many times in fact, that we believe Brenna could walk the path with her eyes closed. We blindfold Brenna and lead her through the woods.

After a 20 minute hike through the woods the calling of the geese signals our arrival. Maggie had walked ahead to build a fire, so that when we remove Brenna's blindfold, her first vision is of standing before the fire, looking out over Carr Pond. We are silent. We are reverent. The fire casts about it's glowing, reflecting in the water and our eyes. The stars are plentiful and answer back in kind. More wishes are made. Ice cream is made in plastic bags. We eat smores.

After rinsing marshmallow and ice cream residue from our fingers, we set out again for something completely new. We don't tell Brenna where we are going, but we are seeking the phosphorescent algae of the atlantic ocean. When we pull into our final stop, Maggie produces an ice cream cake adorned with candles. Brenna blows them out and everything is dark, only the stars remain. For light, we transfer the candles to the sand and burn them there. The wax forms pretty shapes as it melts into the sand. We name constellations. We make wishes. We paint our faces and hands with glow in the dark paint. We glow. The night glows back. We are reverent. The night is reverent.

We are transformed.

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