Saturday, September 19, 2009

Day 11: On Passion

I'm still in New York, the city that inspires walking. Baby sitting duties had us walking Hero (my 14 month old niece) at least 6 miles today. We walked from central park to union square, we walked around the park, we walked around the market, we walked around the apartment. Of course, try driving around the city and you'll see why we were all so feet happy.

An important lesson to learn from babies (and there are many): have passion. What Hero loves, more than anything, more than stuffed toys and ice cream (though she really really likes ice cream) is watching singing in the rain.

A movie that I had never seen before this weekend, but have now seen 10 times, and each time it plays, she stops fussing and fidgeting and watches with rapt attention. She squeals and claps and tries to twirl along with the dancing. Now this is a baby who knows what she likes. She, at the age of 14 months has developed a passion for dance beyond the level of most passions we have as adults. It is humbling and inspiring. Thanks Hero!

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