Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Day 1: What to do with an art degree 101

Whenever people hear that I went to Brown university to major in art, they always ask the same question... why? But it's simple. I love Brown and I love art. And if they venture to ask (as they usually do) "Well, what are you going to do with an art degree?", I confidently reply "I'm going to be an artist."

But behind that confident fa├žade? Truth be told, I'm terrified. This summer was 3 months of waiting. Waiting to move into my own apartment, waiting to set up a studio, waiting to officially become a full time self supporting artist. But 3 months gone by, the waiting seems to have clung to me, I am caught in suspended animation, frozen in a jello mold, unable to see anything but lime green and pineapple chunks.

Yesterday I moved into my apartment, set up my studio in the living room, and yet... the sensation of waiting lingers like that unanswerable question "So... what now?" It is as though I am somehow caught in an awkward conversation with myself, afraid to say the first word. Am I waiting for a man dressed in a tuxedo and waving a baton to officially declare my life as an artist open and begun? Should I invite the mayor of providence to come cut some red tape with an awkwardly large pair of scissors?

The time has come. I Geddes Levenson do hereby declare today, September 9th, 2009, my first day as an official artist.

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